Sunday, May 11, 2014

Quiet Morning

Good morning, world! As I am sitting here trying to find time to write, I am quickly reminded partially of why it's been so long since I've written: my baby is now one year old and he keeps me hoppin'! I can't sit down at the computer without him wanting to pluck away at the keys. He's also down to one nap a day, which I typically join him for :)

Another reason why I haven't been posting much is because sometimes I lose sight of WHY I write. I want to encourage and inspire people but I have a tendency to get discouraged because I don't have a thousand followers or because only a hand full of people read my posts but you know what? Even if my post speaks to only one person, that's one more than if I hadn't written the post.

I read a great blog post the other day about living quietly that was a huge aha! moment for me. Like Micha, I have something to say and I enjoy writing. I cannot keep up with the mainstream blogging community but I can still say what I have to say and pray that it'll touch at least one person who reads it.

Now, in my trying to stay focused, I would like to know- what do you like to read about and/ or what would you like to see less of? Give a gal a hand and let me know!

Have a blessed day!


  1. I enjoy reading about the joys of daily life, quiet living, projects, triumph over daily challenges, highland games, and other positive posts. I blog too and I just have seasons of not writing much. I tend to use my blog as a journal but focused on the above as much as possible.

    1. I love your blog! I'd love to quilt but I can't sew for the life of me. So, I will live vicariously though you :)