Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Not a Party Cow Party

Earlier this month, our baby turned one! A couple of months ago, I had asked Dan what he wanted to do for Emmett's birthday and he said "not have a party". I had to laugh but he went on to explain that he thought it was unnecessary since Emmett wouldn't remember it anyway.

So, we had an unparty party. Almost every Sunday evening, my inlaws get together for pizza. Emmett's birthday happened to fall on a Sunday so we volunteered to host pizza at our house, invited my family to join us, decorated it up a little bit and had cake with our pizza.

A few months ago, we were reading up on nine month milestones for babies and somewhere we read that a baby should be able to see a picture of a cow and say "moo." I personally thought that was really far fetched- isn't that like preschool material?! Dan made it his personal goal to get Emmett to "moo" when he saw a picture of a cow asap. He didn't make it by nine months but by golly, he had it down pat by 12. So, we thought it be fitting that he have a cow party.

Not a farm party.

Not a cowboy party.

Just a cow party.

And here's how we have a "not a party cow party":

Double layer 9x13 cake with cow spots made from sugar paper. What great stuff!
For the tshirt, I cut a "1" from cow print felt and used a red whip stitch around the edge.

And here's the birthday boy eating his cupcake. What a face. I could just eat HIM up!

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