Thursday, February 13, 2014

Too Much Stuff!

Been doing a lot of thinking since my last post... If I can get rid of 100+ things and not even make a dent in it, we have entirely too much stuff! Not sure what to do about it other than keep plugging away at it and not buy any more in the meantime.

How about you? Do you have too much stuff?

In other news, I'm a couple days behind on the challenge. Some days I feel like it's all I can do to get the stuff done that needs to be done, let alone do extra.

I feel like I'm always busy yet nothing ever gets done.

Hopefully I'll be able to do double duty over the weekend, when I have another pair of hands here to help with the baby.

I DID, however, get two small projects done yesterday. I saw a pattern for a no sew sleeping bag on Pinterest and thought that would be perfect in mini size for dolls and stuffed animals. This one is for my niece for her birthday. I'm not big on tutorials (although maybe I should be...) but if you're wondering, it was 1/2 yard of the patterned fabric and 1/4 yard of the lining. Pretty easy- cut slits and tie them together. When there were three or four layers, it was a bit tricky but I just winged it. I'm sure you can figure it out, too :)

Also, you have probably seen birthday boards on Pinterest or Facebook... this is a picture of the one I made my mom for Christmas:

and this is a simplified version of it that I made yesterday:

I made the tile a while ago (scrapbook paper mod-podged onto a tile) and wasn't sure what to do with it until one day, I remembered this Pinterest post and had an ah-ha! moment.

In the next few days, I am making another one of the big birthday boards for my cousin. She's actually buying it- how exciting!! I'll make one for you, too, if you want to buy it :) Just let me know!

Leave a comment and let me know how your deep cleaning and decluttering is going and if you, too, have TOO MUCH STUFF!

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