Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Week Three of No Spending

I don't really have much to update... still going good. Like I said before, it's been surprisingly easy. Probably because I know this is something that I need to do. It's crazy how we get swept up in the spending, the wanting, the "gotta have," and even the justifying wants by making them, in our minds, a "need."

For instance, one night last week, Connor had wrestling practice so the boys ate a light dinner and off we went. Afterwards, they were "starving" and I didn't really want to go home at 7:30 and make food so McDonald's quickly morphed from a want into a need.

We could have easily come home and had sandwiches and carrot sticks. But, well, it was late and they were withering away and I was lazy.

Along with not spending money, I've been trying to spend my time more wisely. This week, I was able to do some more cleaning in the basement and make baby food. I've always said I wanted to make my own baby food, but have never done it. This is a huge accomplishment for me!

Thirty-five containers of food, if I feed 2-3 a day, it should last 10-14 days. And I figured the price to be about .43 for each 4oz. serving, not including labor. But really, it took probably no more than an hour total. Not too shabby.

My Facebook fast didn't last all month but that's going good, too. Trimming my friends list helped immensely and in 26 days, I've done 25 posts which is less than one a day, a huge improvement over what I was doing! No one wants to see or hear about every moment of my day (I can't imagine why not!) and yes, I realize that they can hide me from their timeline but I don't want them to do that! Plus, way less time on Facebook means more time for cleaning and cooking during the day (at least until Emmett quits sleeping 5-6 hours during the day) which means a happy momma with lots of time for her kids and husband in the evening! 

I do stay home, after all, to take care of the family and house, not to Facebook ;)

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