Monday, November 11, 2013

Two Weeks Down

Good morning! I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend! Pretty low key here, as usual- especially when the older two boys aren't here. It's too quiet sometimes then!

If you missed my post about week one of No Spend November (the name that's caught on around here and I like it so much, I think every November will be No Spend November!) you can read about it here.

Week two went really well, probably even better than week one. I can't remember the last time I thought in the format of a status update and I trimmed my Facebook friends list from 239 to about 105. Wow! That made such a huge difference! I've gotten on there a couple times since then and my news feed is so much quieter, it takes just a minute to browse it and I don't get sidetracked by SO many posts.

I'm surprised at how easily the spending part is going. Oh, I did have one setback. But how do you say no to your husband when he wants you to join him for lunch? He eats out every day anyway, so that's money he would have spent regardless. I really couldn't pass up the invitation so we did spend a few bucks extra for me to join him. We used to do that on an almost weekly basis and we just don't any more so it was quite a treat! Not to mention the onion rings were delightful :)

The hardest part for me was not buying books at the book fair. The boys and I always go to the book fair and get a couple books for each of them. They are books, after all. I'd much rather spend money on books than toys! It was hard but I told them no and stuck to it. Much to my surprise, they understood and didn't really argue about it. The oldest was a tad more persistent in asking but he eventually gave in and didn't throw a fit.

So, what have I accomplished in not spending money and time on things I don't need to? Well, we've enjoyed more family time and I have been more productive. Yes, I managed to get almost everything on my cleaning list done last week! This week, I hope to get it ALL done. Also, I've spent some good, quality time reading my Bible and preparing for Bible study and praying. It's been good!

Looking forward to week three. My goals for the week are to get all my housework plus projects done. See you next Monday!

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