Friday, September 6, 2013

Not Without a Price

The two oldest boys were at their dad's for Labor Day which means I didn't get to see them off to school on the first day of school. I could have gone up to school but I've done that in the past and found that it's just too much crazy and they're way too excited to stop and let me snap a picture of them. So, I decided that for now on, when they are at their dad's for the first day of school, we'll celebrate the second day of school here :) It's not ideal but I'm learning to make the best of the situation. Of course getting them to smile for a pic is like torture, regardless of if it's the first or second day of school or the last (yes, really).

I thought it would be fun to hang out with some moms after all the kiddos were settled in and, since I didn't have the boys that morning, I figured I'd do the work and bless the other mommas and have a little brunch gathering. We had egg puffs, a pastry, some fruit, and yogurt parfaits along with good chats and fellowship. I had a great time and I am so glad that I was able to do this.

One of my friends mentioned that she had thought "wow, that Liz, she's got it all together" and then she remembered that I didn't have the boys that morning. Yeah, about that... My house may (usually) be clean, I have time to work out and host events and write a blog, blah blah blah... but the only kid I have at home half of the time is still immobile and doesn't talk. Half of the time, I don't have to run to football practices or help with homework or referee brotherly brawls. Or even cook dinner for that matter.

But I tell you what, I would trade the clean house and brunches with girlfriends, time to work out and other free time for cooking dinner every night, homework meltdowns, and refereeing brawls a million times over. Because nothing, I mean nothing could replace having my kids here with me ALL the time.

Since that is not going to happen, however, I will continue to make the best of the situation but please remember it is not without a price.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Summer Love

I can hardly believe summer is over and the kids are back in school! It was such a wonderful summer, it always is. I really enjoy spending time with the boys, even on the days when they're nit-picking and beating each other up. I may feel like pulling my hair out but there's always a better time right around the corner, just gotta hang in there.

I saw someone post on Facebook the other day asking what was your one favorite memory from this summer? I had such a hard time coming up with just one. We didn't do anything monumental, didn't even go out of town- well, except for a trip across the state to visit my mom and grandma. But this summer was made up of a lot of great little moments instead and I wouldn't trade it for the world. Though, for my husband's sake, because he works SO much, it would be nice to actually get some time off and go away.

My dad lives out of town and we don't get to see him near enough so going strawberry picking and making jam with him was definitely a highlight of my summer. My nephew was there, too, and the boys LOVE to spend time with my dad and nephew!

Another great memory for me was the water balloon fight we had in our front yard. Five of the neighbor boys came over with a bunch of balloons which Dan and I filled up so the kids could burst them all in about 60 seconds, leaving our lawn spattered with rainbow colored shards of balloon! Dan even got in on the action with the water hose!

Also on the top of my list is time spent with Dan's family- pizza nights, swimming in the pool, fireworks...

And the boys and I went on this great letterboxing adventure (which I don't have any pictures of) and we also included some of the neighbor kids on a sweet scavenger hunt that I put together.

I was reflecting on some things earlier in the summer and I coined this phrase: "doing life together is about spending time, not spending money" and I think that our summer reflected this for the most part. We had a wonderful summer, many good memories were made, and most of all, we played together, laughed together, loved on each other and really didn't spend a whole lot of money.

What were your favorite memories from this past summer?