Wednesday, August 7, 2013


This was not at all on my list of things to do yesterday. It has, however, been something I've been wanting to do. I forgot to take a before picture but here's the "in process" picture. All that stuff came out of the closet!

My vision was to create a space where I could have a work area and keep all of my stuff (craft stuff, important papers, my laptop, etc.) all in one place as opposed to strewn about the house. This was once Dan's office and when Emmett is old enough to go share a bedroom with one of the other boys, it will become Dan's office again. So, I figured if I had a space in Emmett's room now, eventually Dan would move his office back in and then I could do my thing at my area while he's working at his desk or drawing at the drafting table. Because we're weird like that and want to spend every possible waking minute together ;)
So, the obvious first step was to empty the closet. I found about 6 items of clothing that are E's current size that should be in his dresser. Bonus! I put all the clothes for him to grow into in a tote to go to the basement. There is also a small pile of things to sell/ donate. And once the rest went back in, it looked like this:

One bright idea I got from Organizing Made Fun was to use tags to label baskets/ bins. Here's a look at mine:

And then there is the pesky exercise ball which I love to workout with but my kids also love to play with and gosh darn it, IT'S NOT A TOY!!! ;) SO, since I wanted the ball put up and I needed a chair for my desk that's not a desk, I just threw it in on top of the shelf and when I want to sit and use my computer, I will sit on my ball. Great for my core and sanity because, after all, out of sight = out of mind, right?!

I'd like to find something else to do with my wedding dress but am at a loss. Any suggestions? My vision was to have a desk in here but I don't have a desk and I don't want to spend money on a desk so I decided to just use what was already there. Perfect! If only I had thought about it 4 months ago. This would have been even more perfect when I was up all night with a newborn!

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