Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Morning Routine and Kids' Chores

Along with being huge on making lists, I need to have a routine. Actually, I don't know if it's the routine I need or the excuse to make another list. HA!

At any rate, I thought I would share what we've been doing lately. Here goes the list:

I usually stay in bed until Emmett wakes up (which was 6:30 this morning- yawn!) I get up and feed him and then we start our day with
  • Coffee
  • Breakfast
  • Devotions
  • older boys do one job, get dressed, make beds, brush teeth while I get the baby bathed and dressed
Pretty simple. After that, pretty much anything is fair game. It is summer, after all!

Right now, I do my own devotions and reading whenever I get some peace and quiet. Sometimes that's in the middle of the night, sometimes it's in the middle of the afternoon. I would like to find a routine when it comes to this. Much as I hate to admit it, I think the best way to accomplish this would be getting up earlier and at a set time but that would mean missing out on snuggle time and I'm just not sure I want to give that up.

Do you have a morning routine? What does it look like?

For the boys' chores, I took this post from Organizing Made Fun and tweaked it a bit to fit our needs. Well, maybe it was partially out of laziness. I didn't want to take time to make the cute cards she has so I used popsicle sticks.

I changed the "rules" a bit, too. They have six 15 minute sticks for screen time and they each have five jobs. Each day, they have to do one job after breakfast and then the stick goes in my jar. For every 15 minutes of screen time, they have to put a stick in my jar. When they're gone, they're done with screen time for the day. They also can't bank screen time. I haven't told them that yet, though, and they haven't brought it up. At night, I put all six back in the kids' jars for the next day. If they misbehave, I take away screen time or have them do a job out of their jar. When their jobs are done for the week, they start drawing out of my jar and hey, some might get done twice! There are also bonus screen time sticks for when they deserve a reward. The bonus sticks don't expire at the end of the day, they can save those up. And, if one is mean to the other, the one  who is being picked on can give his brother one of his jobs to do right then as a consequence. I can see now we're going to need more jobs in the jars!

The only glitch I've come across so far: yesterday, one of them was not listening to me so I had him go draw a stick out of his jar. His reply was "yippie! I get to clean the bathroom!" Yes, my boys like to clean the bathroom. Weeeiiiirrrddd.


  1. I am in the process of changing up my routine as my season of life is changing. I am sending our youngest to college and I am still sticking to a routine that worked when the kids were in school. So I have tons of time for me. Nothin but .. and its weird. I am making a routine strictly for me. So I have a am routine of --do one household chore a day, check email, read devotional, sew/quilt, get ready for work. After work is go to gym daily.

    We had a star chart similar to your chore sticks. It was exhausting but worth the lessons taught!

    1. It really is simple but does require a lot of work on my part, keeping up with it, etc.

      I LOVE the one household chore a day thing for myself. That is what I do during the school year. And kudos for working out daily!

      Have fun figuring out what to do with all your "me" time!