Monday, July 29, 2013

Menu Monday and a Meatball Recipe

Good morning and happy Monday! I hope everyone had a great weekend and is well rested and ready to face the week!

A couple weeks ago, I decided that to make our Sundays more relaxing, I would start putting food in the crock pot before church so that when we get home from church and everyone is ravishingly hungry and the baby needs to be fed and I just want to get into my comfy clothes, food will be ready so everyone can eat when they want and I can slip into my comfy clothes and nurse the baby. Everyone's happy.

We finally returned to church this week after a few months off and surprisingly, I was prepared to do this. I was a little pressed for time but this recipe for Hawaiian meatballs is super easy to throw together! Of course I had to make the rice and carrots but if they were so starving that they couldn't wait, they easily could have eaten the meatballs without the other stuff. At least a few to hold them over.

For the rest of the week, our menu looks like this:
MONDAY: Meatball Leftovers
TUESDAY: Balsamic Chicken
THURSDAY: Burgers & Brats
FRIDAY: Leftovers
Have a great week everyone!

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