Monday, July 15, 2013



I came across this from The Mom Initiative in my Facebook news feed the other day and whoa, did it make me stop and think.I read it over and over again. Hmmm... If my inner beauty became my outer beauty, how would I look?... I'd be a mess, that's for sure! I'm kind of all over the place, as I imagine many of us are. I have a big heart, love to serve others, am compassionate. But I am also angry and mean and yell, too. This drives me absolutely bonkers. I have prayed about it and given it over to God a hundred times but it still manages to weasel its way back in there. 

In this blog post from Mom Heart, Amanda reminds us that we are God's masterpiece. It's hard to see myself as a masterpiece, that's for sure. Despite all my fears, failures, and faults, I am His masterpiece. How do we get this message from our head to our heart- to where we KNOW it and believe it to be true? Lean into God, let go of the fears, failures, and faults, focus on the victories and the goodness inside. Don't let the ugly mask the beauty. Work every day to overcome the obstacles, the not so pretty things on the inside. And don't get discouraged when those ugly things rear their heads, no one is perfect and we're always going to have something to fight against. Just keep fighting it and don't give in to it.

And, God, bless my husband and my kids as they put up with me while I deal with it and give me grace and patience to help them work through the things they struggle with.

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