Thursday, June 27, 2013

My Goal for this Week: WALK!

Phew! It is hot outside! And I just got back from a walk which makes it seem even hotter. I don't notice the heat when I'm hibernating in my air-conditioned house ;)

Since I am trying my very hardest to get back into my workout routine slowly and not overdo it, and since it is so easy to make excuses,  I made a goal for myself to walk every day this week. So far, I'm three for three. YEA!

One day when I took off, thunderstorms were on the way and I felt six raindrops (yes, I counted them) before I got to the end of our street but I kept walking. It never did rain. How easy it would have been for me to say "oh, it's going to rain, I'd better go home" and turn around! Today, it's boiling hot but I wasn't going to let that ruin the walk. The older boys wanted to go to the school and play and the baby loves riding in the stroller so off we went!

How is it that kids don't seem to notice the heat? I'm sure I was like that once upon a time- kind of like swimming in the pool- I used to swim in the lake, no matter what temperature and now, I will only swim in a pool and only if it's over 85 degrees. What happens to us as we get older?!

I digress.

It was a beautiful day for a walk, quality time was spent with the kids, and I am one day closer to goal completed and stepping it up a notch with my workouts. I'm just glad I'm not the one who was walking with NINE kids, one as young as probably 15 months old. Yeah, I saw that. For real. Amazing!

What are your fitness goals? Do you find it hard to not make excuses? Be encouraged, you can do it! Just keep plugging away!

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