Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Gettin' in the Groove

My dear, sweet baby will be six weeks old on Saturday. WOW. Looking back, that really went fast but I tell you what- the first four weeks felt like an eternity while I was in the middle of it. PHEW. I'm glad that's over! It took all I had in me but by golly, we made it.

I was thinking this morning that I actually feel like I'm starting to have a life again. Sure, I went on a couple of outings over the last few weeks- field trips and field day for the boys- and went to little league games but that is all I did. The rest of the time, I fed the baby, changed diapers, and slept. And slept some more. Here's some pics of our fun days:      

Aidan face planted in the sand dune while running down it.

He loves to get his picture taken! So cute!

Well, some of us had more fun than others.

 I was in survival mode. Which is why our vegetable gardens are in sad shape and never got planted this year. Those are all last year's shriveled up plants and weeds. Not a single good plant. And that picture doesn't do it justice.
Finally, though, I feel like I'm starting to live again. Posting on the blog, doing some stuff with ebay (have I told you about the appliance parts?!), and today I went to the greenhouse and bought some flowers to do a few planters. Not that I have a clue what I'm doing. But I can't have everything outside looking all dead and gross.

Dan and I also got to have a date night on Saturday. One of my oldest friends got married and we were going to take Emmett with us but decided it would probably be best to let grandma and grandpa watch him. It was a beautiful ceremony and the food was marvelous and I thoroughly enjoyed the time with my husband. My only regret is I didn't get pictures of us all spiffied up.

Anyway, Emmett has finally gotten to where he's just waking once during the night, sometime between 3 and 4am so I'm starting to feel like a human again. I'm not going to lie, it was a rough first month but we made it! Did I say that once already? Well, it deserves repeating!

And the end of another first (and hopefully another chance to get dressed up and get pics- um, hint hint, Dan ;) )  is coming up on the 22nd- our one year anniversary! I plan to blog about our first year and some of the trials and triumphs soon so stay tuned!


  1. The first few weeks are the hardest! looks like you are doing a great job hanging in there <3

    1. Working on it! Thanks for the comment :) Love your blog!