Monday, June 24, 2013

Answers to the Question Why?

Last week, I created a Facebook page for my blog and decided I was going to do all of my posting from that account and not post from my personal account any more. I'm sure that left a lot of people scratching their heads but I did have good reason, I promise!

I have found that my personal page is too cluttered. I have way more friends than I should, I have like pages that clog up my news feed, etc. Not to mention that I was spending time on my blog and on my personal Facebook page so by combining them, I'm hoping to streamline. That's the main thing. Streamline.

I'm not crazy about it, however, I cannot interact with people on my page unless we are commenting on something that I've posted. I can't go to someone's page who has "liked" RedLizard's Nest and comment as I can with people I am friends with on my personal page.

So... after experimenting with it, I've decided not to go that route. I'm kind of bummed it didn't work out. I'll just have to find a better way to streamline. Thanks for bearing with me!

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