Friday, April 5, 2013

It's Been a While!

I can't believe how long it's been since I've done a new blog post. And so much has happened! I feel like such a slacker.

Truth is, at 35 weeks pregnant, all I have time or energy for is kids, maybe a little cleaning, and sleep! I have been out of prenatal vitamins and therefore have been forgetting my iron also. But, I got a refill on my prenatals and have been taking them and my iron consistently for a couple of days now and I'm hoping that makes a difference in my energy levels. Some day soon, nesting should kick in, right? I actually feel like I WANT to do a lot right now, just don't have the energy and the kids are home for spring break so maybe next week... I feel like I need to get on top of things and stay there so that I don't get even more behind when I'm in the hospital!

My mother-in-law's side of the family threw a fabulous shower for me last week. Such a great group of ladies, fun games, delicious food, and whoa- what a blessing of gifts! Somehow, they managed to pick three of my favorite foods without me even telling them- doesn't it look wonderful?!

I have one more project to do in Emmett's room but my girlfriend came over last week and helped me hang these fun things above the changing area:

And the crib is all ready, just needs a baby!

See that pillow on the right? My super sewer of an aunt made that for me. I'm thrilled with how it matches the rest of the decor!!! I will post pics of my last, and probably favorite project soon. Hopefully it turns out. It might be a tad beyond my abilities :)

The other big thing that happened is I had a birthday. Phew. Half way to 70. Here is a pic of me at 35 years old and 35 weeks pregnant.

I hope everyone is enjoying the sunshine and spring break! 

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