Monday, April 22, 2013

Something Fun For Today

I started a post about some thoughts and feelings I'm having right now but decided that's way too heavy for this Monday morning! Last week was a rough one and I'm thinking starting this week lamenting over that is not a good idea. I'm looking forward to a GREAT week, with lots of fun things in store, and maybe even a baby. So, lets start the week with a fun blog post!

Yes, it's very possible I could be having a baby any day now. I'm 37 1/2 weeks pregnant... only 17 days until my due date! I was 8 days early with Aidan, who I went into labor with naturally and was induced 11 days early with Connor. I have a very strong feeling that Emmett will make his appearance sometime yet this month.

I found this super cute idea on Pinterest for making a keepsake out of baby shower cards and it was so easy to do, I thought I'd share (would also be great for wedding cards- in fact, that might be what the original one I saw was for.)

Basically, you just hole punch the cards then add rings to hold them together. I contemplated using ribbon but thought that would be harder to feed through the holes and also more difficult to flip through the cards. It would certainly be prettier, though!

Then, you can flip through the cards like a book.

And I have written on the back of the cards the gift that came with it. This makes writing thank yous and reminiscing later very easy.

I've been working on another baby project that is finally complete. I just have to get my wonderful husband to hang them on the wall and then I'll take pics and share. Quite possibly one of my very favorite projects ever and I'm so excited!!!

Well, that fun blog post did me some good. I hope it did for you, too. Have a great week and try to focus on going forward and not what's happened in the past. Unless, of course, it's to learn from it so that going forward can be all that much better!

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