Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Reusing Jars

I once heard this quote in regards to using reusable bags: "it's not much but it's something I can do." In a world where we hear so much about recycling, our carbon footprint, poor air quality, and the landfills filling up, etc. I find it difficult to not do anything. I am, however, not "green" by any means but along with the reusable bags at the grocery store, reusing glass jars is the little part that I can contribute.

Here is part of one shelf that I have full of empty jars. All different shapes & sizes. Anyone need some?
Just let me know!

Here are some of the jars I'm currently reusing. I keep them with my baking stuff and they have things  that I've emptied out of bags into them- croutons, dried cranberries, nuts, chocolate chips, etc.
Besides food storage (I'm sure you've all heard of the dangers of certain plastics), there are many other great uses for jars- I gave my kids Valentine's in them this year. I made one into a snow globe as a way of giving a gift card (like this: They can also be used for cookies in a jar type gifts, as vases, to drink out of, as candle holders, to make your own candles in. The possibilities are endless!

Do you reuse your glass jars? What for?

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