Friday, February 1, 2013


Wow! Things are starting to come together here. Many, many thanks to my dearest husband and girlfriend for their help! You can see what Dan and I got done over the weekend in this post from earlier in the week and on Tuesday, my girlfriend came over to help move some boxes. It's so hard for me to be "weak" and let someone else do all the work but I really tried to refrain from lifting too much heavy stuff. We also got in a sweaty workout and cleaned the freezer out. Horray for super people in my life, getting projects done, and working out with my friend! Some day soon, she'll be moving and I'm already looking forward to helping her out and returning the favor. Next up: carpet in the basement!

Future Baby Room a Week Ago

Future Baby Room After

My friend blogs at and she is such a dear, sweet friend, and encourager that I wanted to share her blog with my readers! Make sure you check it out!

Have a blessed weekend. Enjoy your families and try to stay warm!

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