Monday, February 11, 2013

Blessed to be a Blessing

I'm not going to lie. I used to do stuff because I liked the attention it got me. My friends thought I was super woman and aspired to be like me. Whenever there was a need, I was there to help meet it. I opened my house to gatherings, hosted showers and parties, took meals to people who were sick or just had babies, babysat kids, and the list goes on...

 I like to help people, I truly think that hospitality and helps are my spiritual gifts but instead of using them for God's glory, I was using them for my own. I was looking for approval and popularity and acceptance. All in the wrong places and going about it the wrong way. I went on like this for years and started to get burned out. I didn't see it but those around me did. It wasn't until after I separated from my husband and a lot of those friendships went away that I was left feeling very alone and took a step back and examined my life and what I was doing and why.

Now when an opportunity presents itself to help someone in some way, I consult God on it first and examine my heart. Most of the time, what I do is between me and the person I help and God. No showboating to my friends or posting about it on Facebook and yet somehow, I'm more fulfilled than I ever was before.

I had the opportunity not too long ago to do something for someone that I know just made their day and you know what? I think it made my day more than it did theirs! It just blessed me to be able to bless them in that way (and I have to give special thanks to my husband who helped me!) Seriously, when I said "can I do this for you?" and they were so excited about it, it almost brought ME to tears. It's just wonderful being obedient to God, doing His work, and being able to help others, with no ulterior motives, without expecting anything in return, and with no worldly recognition.

Along the same lines, when I did my blog post before about the progress being made in getting ready for the baby, I mentioned my girlfriend who helped me and how some day she would need my help and I would return the favor. She commented that no favors were expected. I know this. That's not the kind of person she is but when the time comes, if I am able, I will help her. Likewise, I don't ever do anything expecting something in return. I know we are all in different stages of our lives and have different gifts and talents and not everyone I help is going to be willing or able to help me in return. I do what I do because it pleases God.

I guess I said all of that to say this: it's so much more freeing to live life to please God and not man. It's a beautiful thing to walk in obedience with Him and to seek only His approval. It truly is a blessing to me when I can bless others.

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