Friday, January 18, 2013

I'm Late! I'm Late!

I'm not big on New Year's Resolutions but I do always consider things I can work on while I listen to others make their resolutions.

It wasn't too long after the 1st (the 5th, to be exact), and I was headed to a baby shower that my new in-laws were throwing and I was bringing the main dish and I was running LATE. I thought "that's it, this is ridiculous. I need to quit being late. That's going to be what I focus on this year."

One thing I cannot stand is always running late and being rushed. I like to be on time. I think it's respectful of others and it doesn't stress me out. I feel like everything I do, everywhere I go, I'm running late. But not any more. I'm working on this in myself this year and so far, so good. 

We just finished our second week back to school and the boys were up and ready and on the bus EVERY day. Woo hoo!

I think back to my volunteering commitments, helping family out, etc. and I cannot think of a time when I was running late yet this year. This week, I was 15 minutes early to Bible study. WOW!

For me, there are two key components to being on time:
First, I need to allow myself more time by getting up earlier. Particularly on Sunday mornings. It takes me an hour to get ready but I also have two kids to get ready and a husband I have to wake up ten times (love you, dear!) There is so much more to getting ready in the mornings than ME getting MYSELF ready. I need to remember this and take that into consideration.

Also, I need to be careful not to over commit, not to try to fit one more thing in. I always think oh, I've got 10 minutes, I can stop here, too. But we all know what we think is going to take 10 minutes will, most likely, take much longer.

Yesterday, for instance, I was on my way to help my brother's wife and I told her I'd be there around 11:00. She didn't actually have to leave her house until 11:30 but I wanted to snuggle my new nephew for a few before she left. On the way, I thought I would stop quick into Panera to get something for lunch. I walked in and they appeared to be understaffed, the ones who were working looked frazzled, and there were about four people in line in front of me. I had to make a choice: get my lunch and likely be to my sister-in-laws just before she needed to leave or leave and get there when I told her I would be. It was hard to leave my Mediterranean Veggie Sandwich craving there and walk out but I did it. And really, I felt very good about the decision.

Aside from the fact that I wasn't stressed about not being there when I told her I would be, I got to snuggle this super gorgeous baby boy. What could be more important than that?!

What are you working on to improve in yourself right now? How can I encourage you on your journey?

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