Thursday, September 13, 2012

Two Steps to a Clean(er) Bedroom

My husband says making the bed is futile.

I think it is one of just two simple steps that make a bedroom look so much cleaner!

Make the bed. Close the closet door.

It's absolutely amazing the difference it makes. And, I suppose you could say that isn't a fair comparison because my room is mostly clean anyway so I did it on my youngest son's room also, just so you could see... it really does make a difference! (Part of making the bed is putting the stuffed animals on it which helped immensely with the floor!)

And with a little more picking up, and a quick run of the vacuum, voila!
(Just so you don't think we live like pigs.)

Oh, and funny story- he was (supposedly) cleaning his room the other day when I hear him exclaim "but it's just too hard for me to do by myself, I just keep playing!" I had to laugh. Love that kid!!!

Do you make your bed every day? Do your kids?

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