Monday, September 10, 2012


Phew! I had a rough weekend. The boys are at their dad's and sometimes I do okay with that, other times not so much. This weekend was one of the not so much times. I was kind of missing the boys all day on Saturday and then Saturday night, after Dan & I got done watching The Hunger Games, I caught a glimpse of Connor's blanket on the couch. This blanket was made by my grandma for Aidan when he was born but he never really took any interest in it. Connor, however, has loved it since day one and has aptly named it "Sucky" because he sucks on it to soothe himself.

I started thinking about how he sleeps with it every night and it would start smelling really funky from him sucking on it. Or used to anyway. You see, not too long after we started dividing up parenting time, Connor's dad forgot to send Sucky back to my house with Connor. At that time, Connor absolutely would not go to sleep without Sucky so his dad had to bring it to me, which he did not at all appreciate. Well, from that point on, Sucky just stayed at my house and Connor's other grandma made him another blanket for at his dad's.

Then I realized that Connor isn't near as attached to Sucky as he used to be and I started to feel really bad. Sucky has always been the thing he needed to go to sleep at night, the thing he cuddled with when he was feeling down or got hurt. And now, because I left his dad, because he goes almost half of the time without Sucky, Connor has lost his soother and here Sucky sits. Alone.

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