Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Back to School 2012

I'm not one to get sentimental and cry on the first day of school, even when my youngest is starting Kindergarten and both boys are now in school all day every day, as was the case today. I was, however, bummed because Connor wanted me to come into his classroom with him and they asked all the parents to not come in. Here's a picture of his sweet smile while he was standing in line which I'm almost certain didn't last 30 seconds after he got inside and realized I wasn't coming with him.

So now what? Now that summer is over and my kids are both in school all day every day, whatever in the world am I going to do with myself? I've been pondering this for weeks and I have come up with what I think is a pretty good idea of how I want things to look. Here are just a few key points without  boring you to death:

- Breakfast at the table in the mornings, as opposed to previous years where they just got ready while I got ready and they ate breakfast in front of the tv. We managed to do this this morning. I loved spending the time with them and covering them in prayer to start the day!

- Do my prayer/ devotional time, blogging, housework, and work before going to the gym. The gym will be in the afternoon, as a reward for getting my other things accomplished. Otherwise, I would go to the gym in the morning and then dink around the rest of the day. Yup, I'm a dinker, believe it or not.

- Daily household tasks. My list looks something like this:
   Monday- bedrooms & laundry
   Tuesday- kitchen & dining room
   Wednesday- errands & groceries
   Thursday- bathrooms
   Friday- yard work (in warmer months) or project (winter)

Of course I've told both of the boys' teachers that I'm available to help out whenever they need it and I'm one of two room moms for Aidan's class so this could all change or go totally in the toilet!

As far as work goes, I will be doing some things to help Dan with his businesses and maybe doing some work for one of the companies that Dan does some work for. He's also a dinker but at least his dinking around makes money :)

I think it's going to be a great year and I'll be plenty busy without working outside the home and as long as I don't dink around too much, it should be just fine. So I guess #1 goal is no dinking around! We'll have to see how this goes... What are your plans for the year? What improvements or changes would you like to implement?

Must include the cool new shoes in the pic!

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