Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Life and Home Rennovations

Well, it's been a while since I've posted so I figured I had better give an update! I'm working on a few posts on who our family is, the pursuit of joy, and being chronically late but I am just in the beginning stages of them so keep an eye out!

On June 22nd, 2012, I got remarried. I absolutely love and adore this man! He's wonderful in so many ways. We enjoy being together, no matter what it is we're doing- cooking, cleaning, playing games, hanging out with the kids, or date nights. Doesn't have to be anything fancy or exciting, we just like to BE together.

Our wedding was at the courthouse and we were running late (ha! remember that blog post I'm working on?) but the judge was also running behind so it was not a huge deal except that our photographer had come early to take some pics and we had some squirrly kids waiting. The ceremony was short and sweet. I absolutely could not wait to kiss him at the end!

After the ceremony and some pictures, my new husband (still get giddy saying that!) and I went out to dinner at Noto's. What an experience! We were the only ones with reservations in the wine cellar that night so the waitress and chef were all ours which I think made it even more of an experience. Very personal, very intimate. 

Chef Paul cooking the pasta course tableside!
The following night, we celebrated with our families at our favorite restaurant. We had the private dining room booked and 24 people sat around a huge table, enjoying the food and each other. It was a marvelous time!

We still weren't done with Aidan's bedroom so we got crackin' on that right after we got all of our stuff moved in on Sunday. Phew! Adding a bedroom to a basement is much more work than I anticipated! Especially considering the basement was already finished so two walls and the ceiling were done already. I thought adding two walls would be a breeze. But there was a lot of work to tie into the existing structure. It turned out VERY nice, though, and Aidan is so excited about it. Whenever he hears someone is coming over, he runs downstairs and cleans his room up and makes his bed. Gotta love that!

Will add a better pic of the whole room later!
Now, finally, I think we are settling into a routine and getting used to life in the new place as a new family. The boys are doing great, for the most part, and Dan and I are a united front working hard to make our home a loving, nurturing place!

Another piece to that puzzle was me quitting my job yesterday. It's always been on my heart to be at home and there have been times I've been able to do that and times that I haven't. I am thrilled to be at home again full time soon! I think it will help more with our routines and schedules and also with not being late! There are FOUR things that are very important to me and none of them are happening now: daily quiet time with God, eating breakfast with the boys, exercising regularly, and doing devotions with Dan. We do all of these things some of the time but I'm hoping that being at home full time will enable us to do all of these things all of the time!

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