Thursday, July 19, 2012

Burning in My Heart

I asked my son yesterday if all was right in his world and he said it would be if he had this new toy he's been longing after. WOW. There are kids in other countries with no food or shelter and the only thing that would make my kids day better is if he had a certain new toy?! I reminded him of these things and told him he should feel blessed beyond measure! And I think he does, really, it's just so EASY to take the roof over our heads, the food on our table, the clothes on our back for granted.

Being thankful and knowing we are blessed simply isn't enough, however.  In Luke 16, it says that God responds to those who neglect the poor with condemnation. THAT is not what I want to face on Judgment Day. I do not want to face condemnation for not doing something that really, is so SIMPLE to do. As I've been reading Ann Voskamp's Blog, I have been challenged, convicted, saddened, and blown away all at the same time. This is something that's always been on my heart- compassion to help others- but this has really touched me and inspired me. There are so many people in the world who have so much less than us and yet what do we do about it?

It might require a little sacrifice on our end but with everything that we are so blessed with, how can we NOT do something to help those without a home? Without food? Without clothing?

For $38 a month (the price of cable TV or internet, perhaps?), you can sponsor a child through Compassion International. Also through Compassion, you can provide clean drinking water for a one time donation of $55. They also have a Gift Catalog where you can choose a gift to donate. An insecticide treated mosquito net for someone living in Africa to help prevent Malaria is only $12. My sons could each save that up in a month or two.

I was once reading a wonderful book called Chazown (Hebrew for vision) and it asks in there what is something that makes you angry? Not just angry but angry for God? My answer immediately was that when a low income person without insurance decides they want help for their addiction, they are put on a waiting list because there are SO MANY people who need help. There has GOT to be a way to help these people get the help they need NOW instead of sending them back home to get drunk or high yet again. If you haven't learned yet what God's vision is for your life, I highly suggest reading this book. It's witty, interactive with exercises and questions, and will help you to gain a more clear picture for what God wants out of your life.

I am not sure where this will lead me but I am prayerfully considering it. Praying about what I am to DO with all of this, how I can teach and encourage my sons, and that my husband will come along side- no rather lead the way- as we do what we are called to do. It is my heart's desire to glorify God in all that I do, to be His hands & feet. To be Moses and not leave my kindred- brothers and sisters in Christ. It is my heart's desire that my family be a blessing to others and that my children, regardless of if they have the latest and greatest or not, will be so very grateful for all the blessings we DO have in our lives.

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