Tuesday, April 24, 2012

This Week's Meals

Here's a sample of what my week looks like. I am completely OCD about filling in my calendar on Google Calendar so I can keep it at my fingertips at all times on my phone. But I also like to fill out an agenda and put my meals on there and make notes as the week goes on. I keep this in a binder that has other important stuff in it- bills to pay, permission slips to be filled out, articles to read, etc.

I put important times on there, everything else is flexible-ish. Then, in the right hand column are what I have planned for dinner. I have to have a dinner plan or else we'll end up eating out. I am not a very good "creative" cook. And, of course, if the dinner menu has to change, that can be done, too. As OCD as I appear to be about things, I really am not. I like to have a plan but the plan can always be changed. It just gives me a base to work with and something to reel me back in if I feel like things are getting off track.

The recipe for Chicken & Roasted Potatoes can be found on my Pinterest page.

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