Wednesday, April 25, 2012

My Boss Loves Me!

Today is Administrative Professionals Day and I came in to work with a surprise on my desk from my boss.  So thoughtful of him!

And, he let me pick what's for lunch today. SO, because they always seem to order pizza when I'm not here (I am just a part timer, you know), I decided to go for pizza.

I worked here from March 2001 until August 2006 when I had my 2nd son. At that time, I was the assistant branch manager, working 40+ hours a week, making a decent salary plus commission based on our branch sales. I didn't love it. My boss drove me crazy and I wore so many hats and there was SO much work to do! Nowadays, though, I'm just a peon answering phones and shuffling paperwork 22 hours a week. Easy Peasy. And, for some reason, my boss doesn't drive me crazy any more. I'm enjoying it much better this time around and am thankful for a good company to work for, who appreciates me and shows it.

And a side note: Whenever I eat pizza or other fatty foods, I follow it up with Fat Fighters from It Works! They absorb up to 30% of the fat that I eat and it's eliminated naturally instead of being absorbed by my body!

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