Thursday, January 6, 2011

Kicking off the New Year!

Last year, I started off the New Year with the Gaiam Detox for Radiance. I don't remember the results but decided to do it again this year and the results were astounding! Keep in mind that over the last year, I did manage to get to my goal weight of 145 (but have recently gained to 160).

At the start of the detox, I was 160. This morning, after three days of smoothies, hot water with lemon, and herbal tea, was 153.5. That's 6.5 pounds! It's all water weight, you may say... well I really don't see how it is after drinking SO much over the last 3 days! And, when we did it last year, it stayed off. It wasn't until toward the end of the year (but before the holidays, I can't even blame it on the holidays) that I started gaining again.

I'm very excited, pumped, and motivated to keep the weight off and actually would still like to lose 8-10 pounds. We'll see how that goes! I feel good and am pretty happy with how I look so I'm just going to keep working out 5 days a week and eating healthy and we'll see where it takes me!

Happy New Year to all; I hope 2011 is happy and healthy for me and for you!