Sunday, January 4, 2009


Oh my... I was just having a phone conversation with my mom, it ended with me hanging up on her. I TOLD her I was not going to argue with her and she wouldn't let it go... Here's the story: my dad had my siblings and I and our families over today. In the course of my conversation with my mom, that came up. She said "ugh, see, I don't see why he doesn't invite us over for things like that." I told her I didn't think he had to. So we began to debate. I don't think that when mom has all of us over, we should "have to" invite dad and vice versa. She gave me this line of crap about doing it for us kids. I told her that if we thought it was important, we'd suggest it but obviously us kids don't think it's that important and therefore, since it's about "us" and not her, to just let it go. She ended up telling me I need to pray about it and search my heart. I told her I didn't, that I know how I feel about it. And she said but what about how the Lord feels about it, that He tells us to love everyone. I said that we do love everyone but that doesn't mean that we ALL have to get together all the time. Her and my dad are divorced. The reality of that is that we are now two families, not one. That's when she told me that I needed to talk to a counselor. I then reminded her I said I wasn't going to argue about it and I hung up on her. Now I'm trying to resist the temptation of calling her back. I want to apologize for hanging up on her but at the same time, I know she'll only start rehashing the whole ordeal. UGH!

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