Tuesday, September 22, 2009

changing seasons

Fall is my favorite time of the year... beautiful colors, perfect temperatures, cool nights. Not to mention all of the yummy food! I just love it! I am looking forward to this fall but for me, it's not just about summer shifting into fall. It's also about me growing and learning and loving more and more each day, morphing into the person God has called me to be, carrying out His will for my life. While the leaves and grass begin to change colors and die, I feel so alive!

Aidan started kindergarten this year, that has been an adventure for all of us! Connor has decided he no longer needs naps so he and I spend our days relaxing and doing things that need to be done around the house. There will be no mention of "extra kids" in this post after this because well, there are none. I'm REALLY enjoying that! Of course I'm more than willing to help out friends here & there but as far as babysitting full time so that it infiltrates our lives, I'm done with that.

That said, I have applied for a position at a residential treatment facility. I am praying I get the job! I have always wanted to work with kids and more specifically, I've always wanted to be a social worker. When I was growing up, though, everyone told me how terrible and stressful being a social worker would be and I listened and shoved that aside and fell back on teaching. If you know me, you know I never really pursued that. Now I realize that's because I didn't really want to be a teacher. So, with this position, I would be able to get close to some social workers and the realm of social work and get my feet wet and see how it goes. With one child in school and the other on his way next fall, I figure this is a good time to start and see where it takes us.

There have been some big changes here for me this fall, and some are in the process. It's easy to feel overwhelmed but I just feel so blessed and so loved and I am anxious to see where this "season" takes me and my family and can't wait to live it out to God's glory!